Kayaking the Lower Columbia River and Beyond

 Tours and Instruction Since 2003

Our mission is to provide place-based educational experiences, develop skills and provide safe, enjoyable outdoor and paddlesports opportunities. We do this profitably, while taking care of our people and our environment.

Columbia River Kayaking specializes in taking groups out on the water on the lower Columbia River, and we would be happy to put together a custom kayaking trip for your group. We can tailor your experience to emphasize education, whether you’re looking to learn about the Chinookan people who lived along the Columbia River for thousands of years; the Lewis and Clark expedition, who first explored this area by land for the United States; natural history, including plants, birds, salmon, forests and geology; kayaking skills, from boat handling to navigation to rolling a kayak, or we can just set you up for good old fun and games on the water.

We have had groups here in the past that include various Boy Scout troops from as far away as Wisconsin, Lewis and Clark College’s Masters in Education program, ecumenical and church groups, schools from Washington, Oregon and Idaho and families of all sizes. Even the 3/2 Stryker brigade of US Army has come kayaking with us. We offer generous discounts to groups larger than ten, and to organizations of all kinds.