CRK is Seeking a Medical Advisor

Our existing advisor is retiring and we are in need of a new advisor starting this 2021 season. 

Columbia River Kayaking (“CRK”), a small sea kayaking business based in Skamokawa, WA, seeks a volunteer consulting physician in order to have authorization to act according to six wilderness medical protocols, described in detail here: 

The Need

Being allowed to follow these protocols may allow us to save a life or prevent infection or more serious injury when we encounter a medical issue when working in a wilderness context.

Physician Duties

  • Maintain a record of the medical certifications of each of the CRK guides.

  • Maintain a record of the medical certifications of each of the CRK guides.

  • Review each of the six wilderness medicine field protocols and have the authority to authorize all CRK guides who are certified as a Wilderness First Responder or Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician to carry out those protocols when appropriate. The physician may choose not to authorize any of these protocols or any particular aspect of one of these protocols.

  • If the physician authorizes use of the anaphylaxis and severe asthma protocols, the physician supplies CRK with epinephrine for each of the WFR or WEMT certified guides and authorizes them to use it when appropriate. CRK reimburses the physician for any expenses.

  • CRK guides are responsible for documenting each time they provide first aid while on duty and sending a report the consulting physician, who reviews the report.

  • Review the list of first aid supplies carried by CRK guides and make recommendations to amend the supplies.

More Info

Our retiring advisor has this to say, “I think this is a great role for a local provider as well as being something which serves your community. If he/she has further questions I am happy to talk with him/her.  I think your team does an exemplary job in preparing for emergencies based upon our conversations.  I hope your business continues to succeed in attracting more people to sea kayaking by giving them a fun and safe experience.”

He is willing to chat with you about the position.


Compensation and Perks

Thank you for your consideration. While our previous advisor has provided this service free-of-charge to CRK, we are open to negotiating a paid position.

If you are interested in helping CRK as our Medical Advisor, please call us at 360-747-1044.